When editing/adding an event, you will be presented with the following.

Name - the name or the title of the event
Category - categories of the event
Main category - will be used to show the marker on the map
Short description - will be shown on search results
Description - the description of the event
Type - type of the event; can be managed on manage event types
Business - the business who organize the event
State - set if the event is active or not
Currency – set the currency of the event
Price – the price of the event

Event Dates

Start date – Event start date
End date – Event end date
Show end date – Show/hide end date on event details
Start time – Event start time
Show start time– Show/hide start time on event details
End time– Event end time
Show end time – Show/hide end time on event details
Doors Open– Set the door opening time
Show doors open time - Show/hide door opening time on event details

Participating Companies On this section are shown the companies that participate on the actual event.
Event location Allows you to set the location of an event, and there’s also the possibility to load the listings’ address by selecting the Load address button on top of the event location section.

Event Contact Information
Allows you to add a contact information for the event
Event pictures
You can upload multiple pictures for your event. You can upload pictures and set a description for them in this section. To upload a picture simply click the Browse button and choose the desired picture by navigating through your content.
Event videos
You can add multiple videos for your event.